The Board of Directors of the Earle Brown Music Foundation is deeply saddened by the unexpected and sudden passing of Susan Sollins-Brown on October 13, 2014.

Life and work were inseparable to her, as she understood work to be a creative activity -- not to be stopped other than to spend time with her dear family, or with her closest friends. Gentle and soft- spoken, she was a leader with natural authority. Grace permeated all of her actions. Although she served and fostered the art of others, both through ICI (now Independent Curators International), ART21, and as President and Trustee of the Earle Brown Music Foundation, she herself was also an exceptional artist and respected filmmaker. She chose her friends and her endeavors carefully and wisely, knowing that she would devote herself to them fully, often, for life. It was her genuine creativity and gentle power, her devotion, her long-term vision, and what appeared to be unstoppable energy that allowed her to build a legacy whose success and influence on others has spread throughout the world. This seemed to surprise her.

Susan created the Earle Brown Music Foundation together with her beloved husband, the late composer Earle Appleton Brown, during a time when he was already terminally ill. After Earle’s death in 2002, it was her mission and ongoing gift to him to ensure that his work would be well published in its entirety, as it is today, and that his archive would be available for study by future generations of researchers and musicologists.

The Board of Directors and staff of the Earle Brown Music Foundation, continuing her mission, will miss her sorely.

Read the obituaries in The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times.

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