The Earle Brown Music Foundation,
founded in 1997 by Susan Sollins-Brown and Earle Brown

           Susan Sollins-Brown and Earle Brown, Paris 1970

Marybeth Sollins
Andrew Farnsworth

Thomas Fichter, Executive Director, email: thomas.fichter at
Jason Cady, Senior Researcher, email: jason.cady at
Kayleigh Butcher, Program Coordinator, email: kayleigh.butcher at

Special Thanks to:
Gina Genova, Musicologist - Archivist
Russell Hassell, Designer (print)
Robert Williams, Retoucher and Designer (pre press preparation)
Marybeth Sollins, Editor (text)
Phil Thomas, Music Engraver
Udo Wüstendörfer, Tonmeister (digitization: Contemporary Sound Series)
Rebecca Y. Kim, (bibliography, chronology)

The Earle Brown Music Foundation
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