Tracking Pierrot

Year 1992
Publisher Edition Peters
Program Notes

[This score was previously self-published by Earle Brown. It is available as facsimile print from Edition Peters as of 2007.]

The title comes from the closeness of instrumentation and my admiration for the instrumental writing in Arnold Schoenberg's "Pierrot Lunaire." I do not refer to the angst or "moon-madness." The conducting is basically one of cueing entrances, exits, changes of tempi and dynamics, etc. as in many of my previous "open-form" works for ensembles and orchestras. This is basically a "closed form piece with 'open' interior structures." All of the instrumental music is composed by myself and notated and scored in a "mobile" context.

The "poetics" of this performance (never to be repeated and unique to this time and place) reflect the special talents, sensitivity and musicality of the conductor.

There is a chord progression on page 6 of the score which is a kind of "homage" to Olivier Messiaen, and the very first and very last pages are a remembrance of Morton Feldman.

More Information Percussion: Marimba, Vibraphone
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Audio Samples

Tracking Pierrotdownload

Selected Performances 1993-02-26 Tsai Performance Center at Boston University
Ensemble: Boston Musica Viva
Conductor: Richard Pittman
Boston premiere

1993-10-09 Miller Theatre, Columbia University
Conductor: Earle Brown
Soloist: Laura Gilbert, flute; Allen Blustine, clarinet; Mark Steinberg, violin; Fred Sherry, cello; Christopher Oldfather, piano; James Baker, percussion

1995-01-15 Leipzig
Conductor: Earle Brown

1996-05-03 Bremen
Ensemble: Ensemble Avantgarde Leipzig
Conductor: Steffen Schleiermacher

2000-05-22 Alice Tully Hall, New York City, USA
Ensemble: The Orchestra of the S.E.M. Ensemble
Conductor: Petr Kotik

2001-02-08 University of Arizona
Ensemble: Arizona Contemporary Ensemble
Conductor: Daniel Asia, Earle Brown (guest composer)

2001-09-17 Bremen
Ensemble: musikFabrik
Conductor: Earle Brown

2012-09-16 Heidenheim, a.d. Brenz, Germany
Ensemble: Ensemble Audite Nova
Conductor: Manuel Nawri

2016-04-14 New York City
performed by Curiosity Cabinet

Tracking Pierrot (released 2012)
Performed by: Ensemble 29,46° S, 62,7° O , Manuel Nawri
Produced by:

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Chamber Music (released 2002)
Performed by: Various
Produced by: Matchless Recordings (UK)

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Centering: The Music of Earle Brown (released 1997)
Performed by: San Francisco Contemporary Music Players
Produced by: Newport Classic

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Synergy (released 1994)
Performed by: Ensemble Avantgarde Leipzig
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